Effect of integrated nutrient management on herbage, dry fodder yield and quality of oat (Avena sativa L.)

A.  S.  Godara*,  U.  S.  Gupta  and  Ravindra  Singh

Adaptive Trial Centre- Tabiji, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305209
*(e-mail : godara_as@yahoo.com)
(Received : 20 September, 2012, Accepted : 20 March, 2013)


A field experiment was conducted during rabi 2005-06 at Adaptive Trial Centre, Tabiji, Ajmer (Rajasthan), to study the effect of nutrient management on green forage yield, dry matter and crude protein yield of oats. fodder, dry matter and crude protein yield of oat was significant. Application of 100 %  RDF along with 5 t/ha vermi-compost (T3), being at par with 100%  RDF alone (T1) and  100% or 75 % RDF with organics (T2, T4 & T5,) produced significantly higher green fodder over organics only (T6 & T7).

 Key words : INM, herbage, dry fodder, qulaity, oat