Effect of fertilizer and cutting management on dry forage yield of  Iseilema laxum grass in Bundelkhand region (U.P.)

Neel Ratan and U.N. Singh*

Department of Botany, D.V. Postgraduate College,
Orai – 285001 (U.P.) India
Email: uma_nath_singh@yahoo.co.in
*Corresponding author and present address: 11- Teacher’s Flat, Rath Road, Orai-285001 (U.P.) India


The beneficial effects of different management practices (Cutting management, N levels and methods of N application) on dry forage yield of Iseilema laxum grass were studied during 2008-10 in the dry sub-humid region of Bundelkhand region (U. P.) India. The results indicated that no cut treatment (control) produced significantly higher dry forage yield than two and three cuts. Application of 90 kg N/ha recorded significantly higher dry forage yield than lower levels of nitrogen (0, 30 and 60 kg N/ha). It can be inferred from the present investigation that natural grass can be harvested once at the time of maturity and fertilized with 90 kg N/ha to obtain higher dry forage yield.

Key words: Cutting management, nitrogen, dry forage yield and Iseilema laxum grass