Regeneration capacity of F3 progenies of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)

Poonam  Yadav,  S.  K.  Pahuja1,  P.  Boora  and  K.  S. Boora*

Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology
CCS Haryana Agricultural University,
Hisar-125 004 (Haryana)
*(e-mail :
(Received : 30 February, 2012, Accepted : 25 August 2012)


The present investigation was undertaken with the objective to study the regeneration capacity among F3 genotypes of cross between HC308   (single cut) and SSG59-3 (multi-cut variety). The parameters such as plant height, number of tillers, number of leaves, stem girth, leaf breadth and green fodder weight per plant were recorded in each cut. Forty one F3 lines were found to be non-regenerated, three F3 lines were moderately non-regenerated, six F3 lines were moderately regenerated and sixty nine F3 lines were highly regenerated.

Key words : Regeneration capacity, genetic variability, single cut, multicut, sorghum