About Us

The Indian Society of Forage Research

(Regd. No. 41/1974-75)

The Society was founded in October 1974 with following objectives :

  1. To advance cause research activity in aspects forages and to encourage and promote study and research on crops. 455b linkreplicawatches.com for sale up
  2. To disseminate the knowledge of scientific agriculture and technology in production of forages. 500 replica breitling watches repairs
  3. To provide facilities for association and conference among forage research scientists and for encouragement close relationship between scientists, cultivators, industrialists and traders of feeds and fodders. best dhgate mercari fake watches for cheap


Patron : Dr. R. S. Paroda
Dr. T.C. Mahapatra
President : Dr. B. R. Kamboj
Vice-Presidents : Dr. Vilas A. Tonapi
Dr. R. K. Yadava
Secretary : Dr. R.S. Sheoran
Treasurer : Dr. Bhagat Singh
Joint Treasurer : Dr. Satpal
Editor : Dr. S. K. Pahuja


Dr. R. N. Arora (Hisar) Dr. K. K. Sharma (Jorhat) Dr. P. C. Patel (Anand)
Dr. D. I. Suma Bai (Vellayani) Dr. U. S. Tiwana (Ludhiana) Dr. Sunil Kumar (Jhansi)
Dr. R. P. Dua Dr. Sahid Ahmed (Jhansi) Dr. Edwin Luikham (Imphal)
Dr. A. Henry (Jodhpur) Dr. K. C. Sharma (Bikaner) Dr. K. S. Boora (Hisar)


Dr. D. K. De (Kalyani) Dr. N. S. Yadav (Bikaner) Dr. Y. Jimdal (Hisar)
Dr. B. K. Sahoo (Bhubaneswar) Dr. R. K. Sharma (New Delhi) Sh Ravish Panchta (Hisar)
Dr. Rajesh Yadav (Hisar) Dr. A. B. Majumdar (Jhansi) Sh. Satpal (Hisar)
Dr. A. K. Roy (Jhansi) Dr. D. R. Malviya (Jhansi) Dr. Pummy Kumari (Hisar)
Dr. Ashok Yadav (Palampur) Dr. J. K. Bisht (Almora) Dr. Suresh Kumar (Hisar)
Dr. R. S. Sheoran (Hisar) Dr. Rajan Katoch (Palampur) Dr. M. K. Singh (Hisar)
Dr. Ram Avtar (Hisar) Dr. Umakant (Hyderabad), Mr. Vikas C Tyagi (Jhansi)


Dr. Rakesh Godara (USA) Dr. Mukesh Bhagri (Germeny) Dr. Virdner Kumar (Phillipins)
Dr. Mohammad Ali Alizadeh (Iran) Dr. Cleto Namoobe (Zambia) Dr. Bahy R. Bakheit (Egypt)


Dr. H. P. Yadav(India) Dr. Arun Sharma (USA) Dr. Sudhir Yadav (Phillipins)
Dr. M. K. I. Khan (Bangladesh) Dr. I. S. Khairwal (India) Dr. U. S. Tiwana (India)

Editorial Secretary : Dr. Rajesh Arya
Email: rajesharya@hau.ernet.in


(Regd. No. 26388/75)
Edited by


Email: forageres@gmail.com

FORAGE RESEARCH, which official journal the Indian Society of Forage Research, is published four times year. The subscription rates under: it making rado watches replica or authentic

For institutions in India

Rs. 1500.00 per year

Other countries US

$ 85.00 per year
Annual membership for individuals

Rs. 500.00 per year

Life membership

Rs. 5000.00

All correspondence regarding publication should addressed to The Editor, Forage Research, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004. The communication regarding business matters should addressed to Dr. Bhagat Singh, Treasurer, Indian Society of Forage Research, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004 (Haryana), India. real breitling cadette fake examples in angeles us replica mulco watches 3777 bracelet