FORAGE RESEARCH will publish research articles of original value in the field of plant breeding and genetics, agronomy, biochemistry, nutrition, plant protection, physiology and production and processing technology of forage crops and would also cover other related disciplines of sufficient interest to a scientist concerned with aspects of forage production and its utilization. It also includes review articles and short communications. Except in case of invited articles, author (s) must be a member of the Indian Society of Forage Research. A volume will consist of four numbers.

Manuscript, neatly typed in double space on one side of the bond paper (8½” x 11″) with reasonable margin and thoroughly revised, should be sent in duplicate along with a soft copy through e-mail : All correspondence regarding publication should be addressed to the Editor, Forage Research, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125 004. It will be presumed that the author (s) have obtained the official approval, wherever necessary, and the papers are understood to be offered to FORAGE RESEARCH exclusively. The responsibility for statements, whether of fact or opinion, would rest entirely with the writers thereof. Papers should not exceed the limit of six printed pages otherwise authors would be required to meet the additional charges.

Manuscripts must be in English and subdivision of articles into Summary (not more than 200 words), Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and References is recommended. Results and Discussion, often may be considered profitable into a single section. Authors’ full name(s), and complete address along with e-mail should be included on the title page and the name of the author to whom the proofs are to be sent should be given. Also a short title not exceeding 30 letters should be provided on the title page.

Tables should be typed with double spacing on separate pages and should be provided with headings. Places at which tables are to be inserted should be indicated in the text.

Figures should be in a form suitable for reproduction drawn in Indian ink on drawing or tracing paper with lettering, etc. and the reduction should be clearly indicated. Photographs should be properly arranged, large glossy prints of good quality and should not exceed 1/3 of the text. The additional plates will be published at author’s cost. They should be clear and relevant to the subject. Legends for figures should be typed on a separate page. Tables and illustrations should not reproduce the same data.

Two copies of revised manuscripts after revision/corrections as suggested by the referee should be sent alongwith the original copy accompained by a soft copy on CD in PM5/MS Word. E-mail address of the author should be quoted for faster communication.

References should include the author’s name (family name of first author precedes initials, initials precede family names of all co-authors), year of publication, title of publication (abbreviated in accordance with the fourth edition of the World List of Scientific Periodicals), volume number and first and last page numbers. References to books should, in addition, include the editor’s name, the edition number, where appropriate, and the publisher’s name and place.

Examples :

Yadav, R., S. K. Pahuja, and J. V. Singh, 2005 : Hierarchical Cluster analysis-A classificatory tool for germplasm evaluation, Forage Res., 30 : 240-245.

Book Reference :

Ronney, W. L., and C. W. Smith, 2000 : In : Sorghum : Origin, History, Technology and Production, C. W. Smith, and R. A. Frederiksen (eds.). Wiley, New York. pp. 329-347.


The Indian Society of Forage Research is pleased to publish the following list of members and other individuals who have reviewed manuscripts of the present volume. The society appreciates the time and unselfish effort rendered by reviewers and acknowledges their contributions in making ‘Forage Research’ scientifically reliable and useful.

Dr. Anil Yadav               Dr. B. P. S. Malik         Dr. R. N. Arora              Dr. Y. Jindal

Dr. R. S. Sheoran         Dr. R. Yadav                Dr. Suresh Kumar        Dr. Bhagat Singh